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Nomadix Gateways

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Nomadix gateways have been the industry standard in hospitality for 25 years with tens of thousands of gateways supporting millions of rooms worldwide. Powered by patented technology, Nomadix’s family of internet access gateways is designed with reliability and scalability in mind to accommodate small, medium and large-sized venues — from hotels to airports to stadiums and convention centers.

Nomadix Gateways are powered by the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software that provides authentication, guest landing pages and bandwidth management. These solutions have earned a global reputation for unparalleled reliability and ease of management.



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Reliable internet access supported by two decades of development and testing

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Bandwidth management, allocation and controls to ensure users get the right bandwidth levels with unused bandwidth redistributed to optimize the experience

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Robust authentication and controls for configuration, management and VBN creation

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Scalable to accommodate small- to large-size networks (from boutique bed & breakfast properties to resorts to convention centers)