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Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi Solution For Multi-Dwelling Units
Reliable, Secure Internet Provisioning and Access for Property Managers and Tenants

Carrier-grade, Secure Wi-Fi Provisioning, Access, and Management for Property Managers and Tenants of Multi-Family Units and Commercial Buildings


Student Housing


Apartments Condominiums


Assisted & Senior Living


Shopping Malls


Shared Office Space


simple and intuitive wi-fi experience

With more residents using their living spaces for work, remote learning and entertainment on a 24/7 basis, MDUs need to offer a secure, reliable, and fast Internet connection to each unit and across the property. Whether it’s access for multi-family residential apartments, student housing, senior living, or military housing, property managers need to easily provision access for their tenants. Similarly, for commercial venues such as shared office spaces or shopping centers, having Internet access that meets the unique access, security, bandwidth control and network management requirements is key.

Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi for MDU is a cohesive solution for service providers, carriers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and communication providers that offers reliable Internet access and bandwidth management, tenant provisioning and authentication, device on-boarding, and other controls. It creates a seamless experience for tenants, property managers and network administrators.

Features & Benefits

icon-1 Single SSID for entire property for reduced network complexity and ease-of-use
icon-2 Personal VLAN and Wi-Fi WPA2 key for each tenant so data is kept secure’ is included twice
icon-net Hosted in SOC 2-compliant regional data centers
icon-3 Tenants can connect anywhere within the property
icon-5 No need for dedicated customer premises equipment
icon-wi-fi Easier to manage than consumer-grade home Wi-Fi routers
icon-port Support for wired ports for media streamers and IoT hubs
icon-2 Personal VLAN and Wi-Fi WPA2 key for each tenant so data is kept secure
icon-9 White-labeled to create seamless experience for property managers and tenants

How It Works

Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi, tailored specifically for the requirements of MDUs, offers property-wide Wi-Fi and secure personal area networks (PAN) for each subscriber and tenant.

MVNOs and Communication Providers

Control portal and dashboard for MVNOs and communication providers to provision Wi-Fi at properties. Dashboard offers audit logs, activity monitoring and robust controls.

Property Managers

Simple and intuitive portal for property managers to manage Internet access for each tenant, offer different service plans and enable access controls. As tenants turn over, access can be quickly revoked, and new tenants in each unit can be easily set up.


Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi ensures each tenant gets the bandwidth they’ve paid for without slowing down their neighbors’ connections. Tenants connect through a secure network that keeps their data separate from their neighbors’. Connecting to the network and on-boarding devices is simple and doesn’t require MAC addresses to be known.

Tenants have access to a portal to choose their passwords and other network settings. Additionally, if they prefer to not share their credentials with others who want to temporarily connect to their personal network, there’s an option for visitors to use a QR code to gain access.



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