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Nomadix EG 1000 Access Gateway
Optimum access and bandwidth management gateway for small Visitor-Based Networks (VBN)

Nomadix EG 1000 Access Gateway

Nomadix Products
Nomadix EG 1000 Access Gateway
EG 1000 Gateway
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Nomadix gateways have been the industry standard in hospitality for 25 years with tens of thousands of gateways supporting millions of rooms worldwide. Powered by patented technology, Nomadix’s family of internet access gateways is designed with reliability and scalability in mind to accommodate small, medium and large-sized venues — from hotels to airports to stadiums and convention centers.

Nomadix Gateways are powered by the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software that provides authentication, guest landing pages and bandwidth management. These solutions have earned a global reputation for unparalleled reliability and ease of management.


The EG 1000 family of gateways is ideal for value-driven, visitor-based networks (VBNs). It is the perfect solution for small venues, including hotels with up to 100 rooms that want to offer fast and reliable internet access to their guests. The base configuration of the EG 1000 includes support for 100 concurrent devices and can be upgraded to support 1,000 concurrent devices. The standard throughput of 100 Mbps can be upgraded to 1 Gbps.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable internet access supported by two decades of development and testing
  • Robust authentication and controls for configuration, management and VBN creation
  • Bandwidth management, allocation and controls to ensure users get the right bandwidth levels with unused bandwidth redistributed to optimize the experience
  • Scalable to accommodate small- to large-size networks (from boutique bed & breakfast properties to resorts to convention centers)
  • IPv6 Certified by the IPv6 Forum starting with version 8.15



Nomadix has invested more than two decades of development and quality assurance to create a proven, reliable solution. Each release goes through vigorous testing to ensure the gateways can handle the load and specified functionality.

Nomadix gateways are built on an embedded operating system, which removes the reliance on open-source code that many other systems utilize and the corresponding security concerns.

The Nomadix NSE software runs on hardware designed to have a large mean time between failure (MTBF) for further reliability and stability. Nomadix also has a well-trained support staff to provide timely responses to any questions.

Custom-Branded Guest Landing Pages

The NSE software allows admins to create and maintain a dedicated captive portal that can be hotel-branded so that guests have a seamless experience. When used with the Nomadix Hotel Portal, MSPs and hotel admins have additional branding options and guest authentication flows.

Bandwidth Management and Control

Nomadix provides a variety of bandwidth management capabilities that enable properties to maximize their bandwidth investment. Internet circuits do not need to be upgraded as frequently even as usage demand continues to grow. Nomadix gateways support bandwidth management per device, per location by VLAN bandwidth limits or per group.

Additionally, bandwidth capping allows for the granular control of tiered access levels for different groups. Bandwidth prioritization, for VIP guests for example, allows different types of users or groups to access available bandwidth before others. Admins can also manage utilization of unused bandwidth to offer additional access beyond the capped limits when it is available.


Nomadix gateways support multiple authentication methods, including integration with property management systems (PMS), credit card, RADIUS authentication, access codes, Facebook and Paypal. SMS, vouchers, China market support and brand-specific authentication flows for Hyatt and Marriott are supported authentication methods when paired with the Nomadix Hotel Portal.

How It Works

Nomadix gateways allow guests to access the internet without making changes to their network settings. "Set and forget" functionality requires configuration only once during setup without the need for future administration.

Once initial access is configured, other equipment, such as switches and access points, can also be managed. Interoperability with switches and networking standards allows for many different network topologies. A Nomadix gateway running the NSE software supports all networks that follow basic network specifications for packet forwarding and routing. The gateway is network-equipment agnostic as long as all switches, APs, GPON and other networking equipment follow standard networking specifications.

EG1000 Specification

Features And Functionality

Physical And Environmental

Plug and Play
(DAT) Dynamic Address Translation>
Dynamic Transparent Proxy

Service Provisioning
Home Page Redirect
HTTP & HTTPS Redirect
Portal Page Redirect
Session Termination Redirect
Information and Control Console
Pop-up Logout Button
International Language Support
External Portal WEB Server Mode
Internal Portal WEB Server Mode
Secure XML API Over SSL
Login Page Failover
SMTP Redirection

Network Management
Multi-Level Administration
Centralized RADIUS Authentication
Access Control
WEB Based Interface (WMI)
Command Line Interface (CLI, SSH)
RADIUS Driven Configuration
Bridge Mode
System/AAA Log
NTP Support

Policy-Based Traffic Shaping
Class-Based Queueing
Weighed Fair Queueing
Distribution of Unused Bandwidth
Group Bandwidth Management
QoS Tagging (802.1p & Diff Serv)
Per Device Bandwidth Capping

Multi-Unit Clustering
Configuration Backup and Restoration
Active-Passive Failover
High-Availability Clustering

IP Address Management
IEEE 802.3/3ul/3ab
DHCP Server, Client and Relay
Multi Subnet Support
IP Upsell
PPPoE Client

Billing Plans Enablement
Port Based Policies
VLAN / Port Mapping
Local Database
Property Management System (PMS)
Credit Card Interface (Paypal)
Bill Mirroring

Access Control and Authentication
Authorization, Authentication & Accounting (AAA)
Walled Garden
Group Accounts
Tri-Mode Authentication
Universal Access Method over SSL
IEEE 802.1x
Smart Client Support (Boingo, iPass)
MAC Authentication
Remember-Me Login
Access Codes
Zone Migration

Advanced Security
IPsec Support
IPsec LAN to LAN
PPTP Support
Session Rate Limiting
URL Filtering
MAC Address Filtering
ICMP Blocking
Proxy ARP for Device to Device Communications
Lawful Intercept, monitoring, logging and compliance with legislative requirements
User Agent Filtering

VLAN Support
IEEE 802.1Q
IEEE 802.1ad

Physical I/O Ports
2 x GbE RJ45, WAN or LAN configurable, ACT/LINK and speed for each port
1 x Micro USB 3.0 Console Port
1 x RJ45 Asynchronous PMS Port (Requires optional license)

1 x reset button
1 x Power on/off button
Thermal Pad (fanless)

12V 3A 36W Power Adapter
AC 100~240V @ 47~63 Hz

208 mm x 215 mm x 55 mm (8.19” x 8.46” x 2.16”)
Weight: 247g / 0.5lbs
Kensington Lock

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Operating humidity: 5% to 90% (noncondensing)
Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Storage humidity: 10% to 95% (noncondensing)


Supports 100-1000 devices

Supports 100Mbps-1Gbps Max


Download the Nomadix Gateways Datasheet (PDF).

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Nomadix Products
Nomadix EG 1000 Access Gateway
EG 1000 Gateway
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